Contrast Paints


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Apothecary White, Iyanden Yellow, Nazdreg Yellow, Gryph Hound Orange, Blood Angels Red, Flesh Tearers Red, Volupous Pink, Magos Purple, Shyish Purple, Tallassar Blue, Ultramarines Blue, Leviadon Blue, Aethermatic Blue, Akhelian Blue, Terradon Turquoise, Warp Lightning, Ork Flesh, Militarum Green, Creed Camo, Dark Angels Green, Aggaros Dunes, Snakebite Leather, Cygor Brown, Gore Grunta Fur, Wyldwood, Guilliman Flesh, Fyreslayer Flesh, Darkoath Flesh, Space Wolves Grey, Gryph Charger Grey, Basilicanum Grey


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