Digimon Gaia Red Starter Deck (PRE ORDER FOR 12/02/2021)


Available by Feb 12th 2021


Deck content:

  • Constructed Deck 1
  • Booster Pack (Ver.1.0) 1 pack
  • Memory Gauge 2

Card types:

  • 16 types


  • Common: 7 types, Uncommon: 5 types, Rare: 3 types, Super Rare: 1 type



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Available by Feb 12th 2021

This lineup includes Agumon and is centered on the partner Digimon of [Tai Kamiya].

It includes cards with a number of effects that add security (shields) and can destroy.

You can destroy multiple cards of the opponents security with a single blow, and it is possible to turn the game around.

Easy to pick up and start the game!





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