Blood Bowl Shambling Undead Team Card Pack

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  • Full set of reference cards for Shambling Undead player positions and Star Players
  • Track your team with blank cards for all five positions
  • Special Play cards exclusive to Shambling Undead teams

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Updated for the current ruleset, this deck of 44 cards will help you keep track of stats and profiles for your team, positions, and Star Players – plus Special Play cards exclusively for use with Shambling Undead teams.

This pack includes:
– 5 Player Reference cards, one each for Ghoul Runner, Wight Blitzer, Mummy, Skeleton Lineman, and Zombie Lineman
– 3 Star Player cards, one each for Bryce ‘the Slice’ Cambuel, Gretchen Wächter, and Skrull Halfheight
– 8 Random Events Special Play cards
– 8 Heroic Feats Special Play cards
– 19 Blank Player cards: 4x Ghoul Runner, 2x Wight Blitzer, 2x Mummy, 5x Skeleton Lineman, and 6x Zombie Lineman
– The all-important card explaining how to use the cards, with a red card on the reverse

You’ll need a copy of Blood Bowl – The Official Rules to make full use of these cards.


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