Warhammer 40K ITC RTT September

Welcome back to Crit Hit Game Hub for our first ITC Warhammer Tournament of the year!
Spread across five gruelling championship missions our generals will battle it out allowing access to a lucrative prize pool of Games Workshop products, scaled to attendance.
First second and third place & also best painted army receiving store credit & prizes.
Entry is £15.00 per player. Preregister to secure your place, and also receive a hot drink and toasted sandwich both days to get you started. T&C’s apply.
Please use info@criticalhitgames.cafe for prepay via PayPal or in the shop.
Your army will be a 2000 point battle forged army folloiwing 9th Ed rules. Further details to follow, so keep your eyes peeled. Share with your friends and let them know.
Crit Hit Game Hub
61a Kempston Street
L3 8HE
Some games may be filmed, with prior consent, with footage being used for promotional purposes.
Message the page for any additional info you need. See you there!
bcp registration link

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