Trials of the Pharaoh – Speed Duel Event

Introducing a very special Speed Duel Event!

Match of the Millennium & Twisted Nightmare

  • Trials of the Pharaoh gives Duelists a series of Dueling challenges to complete in store.
  • There are 4 character sheets to complete. 
  • Prizes are distributed based on the number of character sheets completed.
  • These prizes are only available by completing these challenges in OTS stores.
  • Duelists may only claim one prize from each tier per store.
  • It may take Duelists more than one event to complete their challenge sheets, so we will be scheduling more events to help with this!
The prizing below is for all characters. To get the Tier one prize, Duelists must complete 1 Challenge Sheet. To achieve the higher tiers of prizing, Duelists must complete the corresponding number of sheets.

  • Tier 1 Prize –
    • Trials of the Pharaoh Storage Boxes, given to all Duelists who complete the 1 Challenge Sheet
  • Tier 2 Prize –
    • Trials of the Pharaoh Jinzo Promo Card, given to the first 4 who complete 2 Challenge Sheets.
  • Tier 3 Prize –
    • Trials of the Pharaoh T-Shirts, given to the first 2 Duelists who complete all 4 Challenge Sheets.


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