Dungeons and Dragons – Get Started

Dungeons and Dragons is a game that everyone has heard of.It’s on TV and social media, most recently Stranger Things (top show, do recommend greatly 😻) The “nerdy” and “geeky” characters that just want to meet with their close friends and fight dragons, storm a goblin cave or fight a Demigorgon. In reality, it’s so

War Gaming: Let’s dispel some myths

Hey everyone! Have you ever wanted to start playing a miniatures game, but felt intimidated by your buddy’s collection? Did your wallet cry out in pain browsing the price of some models? Is painting something only reserved for your lounge as it takes too long? Maybe this is a hobby you just never thought you

Indomitus – A Full Lowdown

It’s finally arrived! A brand new funky edition of our favourite tabletop war game. A new box set for us to sink our collective teeth into. It’s no surprise that Games Workshop have once again provided us with another outstanding quality box set, and its very likely to be the best value offered in a box set
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